Tired of PR reporting
like it’s still 1999?

Customisable reports ready to share with your clients in minutes

CoverageBook automates the time-consuming (but essential) bits for you. So you can focus on what counts...getting more coverage...

quotation marksAny serious publicist who values its own time should invest in using CoverageBook. Not only does it save time by pulling together screenshots, metrics and helping you put reports in a nicely presented CoverageBook, it allows your clients to understand the metrics better.”

Kristina Spionjak profile image Kristina Spionjak, Rozeva Ltd

screenshots of coverage books
summary of overall report metrics

Don’t get left behind on measurement

Powerful automated metrics for modern PR, that make it easier to measure & understand success.

quotation marksAs measurement and evaluation is such a big part of where PR is at the moment, its great to be able to use a product that combines both strong analytics and excellent design.

It visualises impact of campaigns in a single comprehensive, intelligent and user friendly way.”

Geoff McGimpsey profile image Geoff McGimpsey, McGimpsey Communications Ltd

All your reports in one place, accessible wherever you go.

You & your team can view, edit or share any report, from any device with an internet connection.

Need to make a last minute change to your report on the way to your meeting? No problem.

Much better than countless spreadsheets & Powerpoints scattered who-knows-where? in shared drives.

dashboard of your team, your client folders, and your coveragebooks
searchable table of all coverage data

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